Links to Other Mars Curriculum Materials



These web pages provide additional information and teacher resources on Mars, Mars geology and geography, and imaging the planet.


Mars Geography Concentration:

      Students learn more about the geography of Mars by making and playing with their own "Mars Cards" that describe some key geographical features of Mars from "Thursday's Classroom".


Mars Geologic Mapping:

 A lesson in geologic mapping (grades 5-8) from the Challenger Center for Space Science Education. Contains teacher's guide and student worksheet. For other lessons see their "For teachers section".


Mars: Window to the Universe:

Contains teacher resources, activities for students, and information about Mars, other planets and solar system objects from University Corporation for Atmospheric Research (UCAR).


ASU Mars Education Program:

Numerous teacher guides, lessons and student activities about Mars from Arizona State University's Mars Education Program.


MSSS Education and Public Outreach:

Mars resources, essays, and educational materials from Malin Space Science Systems.


JPL Mars Curriculum Modules:

Mars curriculum materials for grades 4-12 from NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory's Mars Education program.




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