Imaging Mars at High Resolution

Activity Book

Grades K-3


The activity books are available for you to download as PDFs.  You will need Adobe Reader to read the PDF. You can dowload Adobe Reader for free if you do not already have it.  You may choose to either download the entire book or just part of the book below.


Student Activities:


The full activity book for students (28 pgs, 2.8 Mb)


Download individual sections of the book:


1. Introduction (5 pgs, 464 Kb)

This includes the cover page and a map and images of Mars for students to see what a volcano, canyon and impact crater look like.


2. Coloring pages and games (10 pgs, 1 Mb)

Includes coloring pages, a maze, jigsaw puzzles, wordsearch and crossword puzzle.


3. Advanced activities (7 pgs, 716 Kb)

Includes a game of "Who Am I?" to teach students about resolution and views of New York from above.  The last page guides the student through a target suggestion.


4. Memory Game (6 pgs, 272 Kb)

Game pieces for playing a game of Mars Memory.


5. Puzzle solutions (1 pg, 140 Kb)



Teacher's guide:


The full teacher's guide (25 pgs, 2 Mb)


Download individual sections of the book:


1. Introduction (18 pgs, 1.3 Mb)

Includes background information on Mars and HiRISE


2. Answers (5 pgs, 696 Kb)


3. National Science Standards (2 pgs, 32 Kb)

Gives the National Science Standards met by this book.


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