What is the HiRISE Public Image Suggestion website?


Welcome to the HiRISE Public Image Suggestion site! The High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment (HiRISE) is flying on the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) mission.  HiRISE is a camera that will take photos from all over the surface of Mars, at a much higher resolution than any previous orbiting camera.   This site allows you to help choose where these photos are taken.  Anyone can make suggestions- this is the People's Camera!  Because the photos taken by HiRISE are so detailed (see these photos of the Grand Canyon to better understand the resolution of photos taken by this camera), only a small fraction of the planet will be imaged.  So it is very important that you provide a good scientific reason for wanting to take a photo of a specific location.  When you provide your scientific reason for wanting to take a photo of a location, you will also give it a priority rating and select a scientific specialty theme.  The best locations will be selected, photos will be taken, and they will be available for anyone to view on the web. 


How do you use the HiRISE Public Image Suggestion website?


There are many decisions that have to be made when selecting a site to photograph, and this tutorial will help you through it. We have a "Fast and Easy Image Suggestion Tutorial" and the "Advanced Image Suggestion Tutorial."  There will be links throughout both of these documents to additional information or definitions if you want to learn more. Click on any underlined word to open the page with this information.  There are also links on the Image Suggestion webpage with pop-ups about specific terms. Begin by going to HiWeb, HiRISE's Image Suggestion Facility.


Select which tutorial you want to use:

Fast and Easy Image Suggestion Tutorial


Advanced Image Suggestion Tutorial


Alternatively, you can just jump to more information about a particular page by going directly to one of the topics below:


Main Map Page, selecting a region on Mars

Zooming in on a specific feature on Mars

Map Display/Suggestions page


Viewing Image Suggestions made by others

Basemap Processor

Elevation Profiler

Logging in as a user/Registration

Location/Science page

Scientific Specialties

Special Requests page

Seasonal Constraints page


After you have submitted an image suggestion, you can always go back and modify your suggestion until it has been targeted by HiRISE.  Go here to find out more.